Lists of "to-do"s and ideas for future versions.


Allow customization of precondition's exceptions.


Using a branch, migrate the Doclet logic to Qdox .


Make Ant Task definition + Doclet parsing + Template generation + AspectJ compilation work as a whole.


  • Integrate with Ant to simplify the use of the tool.
  • Use Javadoc to retrieve the affected sources.
  • Wrap AspectJ compiler, so that the compile task isn't affected by supporting ContractChecker.


Study how to achieve the following requirements, and which technology to use.

  • For an arbitrary number of source files, retrieve the ones with guarded methods, and for each package with at least one of them, generate an aspect called ConditionChecking , to intercept calls to all precondition-protected methods and throws exceptions in case such preconditions are not satisfied.